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I think if we get anymore rain I am going to need Get:Outdoors to deliver a kayak


So I’ve been holding off in purchasing a kayak because my daughter isn’t old enough to paddle alone yet among other things, we are making some financial changes, yada yada yada, but I thought since we have had the rain forever and it feels like we need an arc right now to save us I would share my experience about paddling.

The first time I ever got in a kayak I was with a ladies group instructed by a friend named Jo Proia & the group is called Get:Outdoors Women on the Water. One of my dear friends, Rene’ Crowder was also in this group that day, thank goodness she was because I was so nervous about being in a kayak, I needed her as she is one in my big support system. We began with some yoga before we even got close to the kayaks which was a little relaxing and then we headed for our boats & Jo went over some instructions. I got in the kayak the right way (woohoo) and I sailed out into Lake Brandt. Let me tell you folks, you ever want to be close to God and think, pray, or have time for meditation, take a kayak out & paddle to the middle of a lake, it is so peaceful. The most calming feeling I think I ever feel is when I am paddling, taking my time, paddling, thinking about nothing, and just stop, and look around at all of creation and all the beautiful setting, the trees, the colors, the leaves, what season it is, the water, I love water. I was a water baby. (The joke has alwaysĀ  been that my Momma would throw all her kids into a pool and say sink or swim, not really, it is a joke, because we could all swim at young ages.)

We don’t take time in our fast paced lives to stop….just wait…..and listen to the sounds of the wind blowing the leaves around or notice how the colors change between seasons but out there in that kayak while paddling I take notice to these changes. It makes me want to me never ever leave the water, heck if it wasn’t raining right now I would pack up my daughter and we would be at the lake to paddle, I now have the itch, thanks blog… šŸ™‚

If the weather ever gets nice (well if you have nice weather where you are do it this weekend) go to your nearest lake and rent a kayak for a half a day, its not that expensive and if you don’t like it at least you can say you tried it once.

If you are interested in the women’s kayak group in Greensboro, NC I spoke about here’s the website

If you are a dude and want to look at some really cool dude kayak stuff here’s the Get:Outdoors main website



First picture is me and my fabulous hat and the second picture is our GO:WOW raft up!

Until next time, stay dry & if not I hope you have a kayak and can get some paddling in. šŸ™‚