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BlogHer NaBloPoMo- August 14th, 2013


NaBloPoMo August 2013

Do I write about Hot topics? This is the topic today around the word hot… Not necessarily hot topics, as much as controversial topics, like those dealt with in the public eye and I definitely tread lightly and proceed with caution.

I realize that I’m pretty much obnoxious and I’m very loud and I tell it like it is, but, as I get a little wiser, I do understand that there other people in this world that do exist besides me, and, they may have different opinions than I have, so, I say how I feel about the “hot topic” and then, I do sit back and let others give their two cents and listen to their views because maybe their views are different than mine, but, maybe they have good reasons for looking at the situations differently.

My point in this post today folks is even in hot topics and heated discussions amongst each other, we still must be open to sit down with one another and discuss how to move forward with whatever the situation is at hand or we are always going to be stuck exactly where we are today, screaming and bickering back and forth…

This political scene is not the best right now, I think most if us can agree on that, I don’t want my daughter to grow up learning these crappy political policy games… Its all crap…. & I am going to stop before I get on a ridiculous rant… 🙂

Until next time.
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BlogHer NaBloPoMo- August 13th, 2013


NaBloPoMo August 2013

In NC, on these hot, humid steamy, sticky days when I was a kid a was a water baby, you could not keep me away from the water. As I have gotten older, I’ve seen a lot of things. My father passed away from skin cancer before age 50, he was fair skinned as am I, so, I try to stay out of the sun a lot, but, I still love the water…. I absolutely love paddling in a kayak.

Here’s an older blog post about paddling.

Anyways, due to all that, unless I’m at the coast, I try to stay inside and not deal with all the sticky mess.

Until tomorrow’s NaBloPoMo’s post! 🙂

BlogHer NaBloPoMo- August 12th, 2013


NaBloPoMo August 2013

Summertime…. Oh forget folks… I can’t sing anymore due to that car accident years ago, I will blog about it closer to the anniversary of the huge traumatic event… Anyways, just imagine Mrs. Ella Fitzgerald singing, oh wait, you don’t have to imagine anymore, we have youtube…

There we go, much better. I like summer, however, I don’t like all three months of it… The humid hot air kills my breathing… If we could have 65-68 degrees with a mild breeze of wind year round and no humidity I am in, but, here in North Carolina, summer is very sticky and I am not a fan…. The air doesn’t move talk about me not being a fan, we kind of need some fans…

I’m just not a Summer person, especially, if you consider one of my previous blog posts rightly entitled, Sun is good for you in moderation. Here’s the link:

Tell me how you guys like Summer & what Summer is like where you are. Maybe the Hubs would sell the farm, BaHaHaHa, yeah right! I would never ask that of him, he loves this land…

OK, enough rambling, until tomorrow, I hope you guys can stay out of this sticky heat.