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NaBloPoMo-My three important friends who deserve some light.


So, the NaBloPoMo prompt today was to answer if I liked hot baths and since I answered that like the first week I thought I would write completely off subject since we are prompted to write whatever we see fit and being that we are quickly approaching my “25th” birthday (again) I thought I would take the time to write about three very important ladies in my life, well, since we were teens, especially since I featured the Hubs best friend, Bubba, a couple days ago…. I think these three ladies are hot enough and that’s enough in the photos below for the prompt:-)

Let me start off by showing you a few pictures of us now… 🙂
(Let me say these three photos are from my wedding day and the earrings that I am wearing & that the ladies are wearing were special ordered by Jenny over at BohoBlu! I LOVE BohoBlu & Jenny but that is a whole other blog post for another day.)

This is Kim & I from my wedding day September 22, 2012

This is Sabrina & I from my wedding day September 22, 2012

This is Toni & I from my wedding day September 22, 2012

These ladies have been there for me, Toni and Sabrina have been my friends since we were 12 years old. I had just moved from the city to the little town and I had started a clogging class to try to get to know people, Sabrina later informed me that clogging down the halls at middle school wasn’t socially acceptable as a seventh grader…lol. Brina is the quiet type but let me tell you, if Toni or me do something wrong, we know it, but, that’s because we have been best friends since we were kids…lol. Toni, you love her personality- it is probably the first thing you notice. TT (cannot tell you what that nickname means but that is Toni) has never met a stranger, she will talk to anyone, in a grocery line, in a parking lot, in a bathroom stall- I am not kidding folks… she can be peeing and have a conversation with a complete stranger in the next stall. If you have ever met her, when you finish reading this story you are going to be smiling, she walks up to me and says, my name is Toni with an I, Toni, get it, “Toe (points to her toe) Knee (points to her knee)”. Those two ladies have had my back ever since, for 18 years on August 24th, if you all can do your math, I just basically handed you my age… Lucky dogs…. 🙂
Sabrina & I on the Farm!
Toni & I at Bowman Gray Stadium! “Dirty South” Go Burt Myers! Oopps, sorry, didn’t mean to get redneck.

Kim & I have been friends since my freshman year of highschool, 1997, due to a musical theater class that we were both enrolled in, turns out, we are both drama queens, but not in real life, AT all… Ba HaHaHa!!!! She has been there throughout my teenage years, lots through my 20’s with motherhood, divorce, and all the grown up stuff you have to do… lol
image Kim, MacKensie (as a baby), Tobee, and me.

These three ladies have really been there for me for everything, ALL of it, through a loss of a parent, a pregnancy, a marriage, a divorce, and a wonderful 2nd wedding to my soulmate, I couldn’t ask for better friends. Love all three of you SO much and I mean it! XOXO.

UPDATE: Almost forgot to say it but Brandon & Ellen Nance with Motovated Exposures handled the photography for all the events for my wedding! Check ’em out at

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