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Inexpensive costume idea- I think I have skills!


Halloween is coming soon, y’all. Being the SAHM I am right now a $3,000 costume isn’t in my budget, so, I tell my little diva as we are watching “Pitch Perfect” (yes- we are some serious addicts, love music movies…. We just love music) that perhaps we should get some ideas from Pinterest for inspiration. My darlin’ Kens graciously agrees… (Score for Momma because the kid is an only child with everything she could imagine!) When people ask her what she wants for birthday or Christmas and she says “I have everything I need, just call me & tell me you love me and that is good enough.” I am SO blessed to have such a humble youngin’!

Anyways, our inspiration from Pinterest was this:
Here again folks, cute costume, wasn’t willing to pay $35.00 for it though…. So, me being this newfound thrifty momma (haven’t always been like this, use to, if I wanted I had, period. That was the end of it… Amazing how life changes when you turn 30, or, hmmm, 25 again….)

So- Kensie and I drove over to Walmart found leggings & a shirt for like $9/ish TOTAL with tax, then, we were done, take a look. She will wear her normal tennis shoes & we are calling this costume “80’s Cali Girl”. K came up with the name. Jewelry was my costume jewelry from high school, at least someone is using it.


So- what do y’all think? Does this city girl have a knack or what? (Here’s a hint- I was a musical theater student in high school.) 🙂

Until next time!

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