And “The Sing Off” winner is…

And “The Sing Off” winner is…

HOME FREE!!! Yes- I realize that was last year, but, I have had this awesome opportunity & have some quotes from the guys while they are in preparation for The Sing Off tour! SO- their awesome PR team and I have been emailing back and forth for about a month (this post should have been launched about 2 weeks ago, ridiculous ice storm….ARGH :-!) Anyways…

Most of you know my love and passion for vocal arts & music in general. I was groomed from a young age by vocal coaches through high school, so, when I can say “Doggone, those boys are really good” I pretty much am on target no matter the music genre. I personally LOVE a cappella, though, it takes great skill and almost a perfect ear to hear the quality and correct pitch, tone, etc… OK, done, rambling, but, Let me just tell y’all now these guys rock!! Here is a YouTube clip, the boys usually do country but I LOVE this song as well, check it out, y’all!

Avicii – Wake Me Up – (Home Free acappella cover):

Here is some background information on Home Free got there roots!

Chris and Adam are brothers who have a passion for a cappella music. They started the group in 2000. About six years ago, they were playing enough shows to make Home Free a full time commitment.

Chris and Adam are brothers who have a passion for a cappella music. They started the group in 2000. About six years ago, they were playing enough shows to make Home Free a full time commitment. About a year and a half ago, I met them on a cruise ship where I was a featured entertainer. Lucky for me a spot opened up in the group. It has been wonderful that I am able to do this full time and I couldn’t be happier.

All five of you have been involved in music your whole lives in varied forms. Why did you decide to sing a cappella?

That’s a great question. Chris and Adam really loved the House Jacks and I started getting into acapella music through Napster and things like that. Growing up, I was always around vocal music, so something like this is second nature to me.

Did the group always sing country? What made you gravitate to this genre?

I myself grew up on a farm and was exposed to a lot of gospel music. We were performing several country songs in our shows, but really started including more when Tim became a member of the group. He has had his own country album and has written a lot of songs. We started doing more country, putting our own style to it and now there’s really nothing like this out there. Traditional acapella is loud and fast with crushing vocals. We are relaxed, funny guys who like to break down that fourth wall when performing and really interact and connect with our audience. People have been so receptive, it’s wonderful. It’s humbling and exciting to create something new like this.

Who are your musical Influences?

We each have our own personal influences. In country music, we really like the Zac Brown Band and Hunter Hayes. There isn’t any one particular artist, it is more about individual songs and how we relate to them.

Congratulations on winning the Sing Off. Can you tell us how you came to be on the show and what was the entire experience like?

Well, we happened to have couple days off in between shows and saw they were having auditions and thought why not give it a shot. We sang a couple of songs, then found out they liked us and asked us to record a few more, so we did. They called back and offered us a spot on the show. Our goal was just simply to get past the first week, so we more than surpassed our expectations.

You just released an album, Crazy Life, with songs you performed on the show as well as original material. Talk about that a little bit.

It has songs we did on The Sing Off as well as original songs. We all write to some degree. Jim co-wrote three songs on the album. We want to put our own music on an album to show that we are capable of making our own music. We would love for country radio to give us a chance.

Do you have a favorite song to perform from the album?

Right now it is “Ring of Fire.” We performed the song on the show and it is on the album as well with Avi Kaplan. People are screaming for that song before we even perform it.

Now I will send y’all out with some Home Free a cappella country style!
Home Free sings “Ring of Fire”:

Until next time, if y’all wanna learn more about Home Free, check ’em out at and I will talk to you guys next time!


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