Why I’ve been so quiet after @IdinaMenzel performed at the #Oscars!

Why I’ve been so quiet after @IdinaMenzel performed at the #Oscars!

I’m sure you all can imagine what it sounds like when a Southern Woman says “What the Heelllllll did that CRACK HEAD just call my girl crush?”

This is what my poor Hubs heard immediately (I know, y’all are thinking “poor fella!” Do remember that we knew each other 5 years before dating, he knew what he was getting into…) after the powerhouse that is Idina Menzel, left the stage (stage right, I believe). I am still not over it and don’t think I will be over this.

Let me tell you what I know about Idina and then we will Wikipedia what it says…. She began on BROADWAY in 1996 in a powerful role as Maureen. Her casting in RENT was genius, I cannot imagine anyone else playing Maureen, I know others do, but, that role in my head is Idina. The show was turned into a movie and I was counting down the days until it came out on DVD, then my car accident happened. The weekend I went home to my Momma’s house from my inpatient hospital stay, my dear sweet Bubby (little bro, 6’3, but younger) surprised me with RENT!!!!! I watched it for like 8months straight! RENT was my go to movie during my recovery of my accident & it’s in my DVD player today! My daughter can sing the soundtrack, she’s 10…LOL!

Anyways, she’s done Wicked, she’s been Rachel’s mom on Glee, she’s had a few vocal performances on television, I know this because I’ve got them recorded. she’s a powerhouse actress, vocalist, she has done SO much more to name go look at Wikipedia, and she all comes wrapped with a pretty red bow on top. She’s so awesome!

Here’s the Wikipedia link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Idina_Menzel

Now- about Travolta using the wrong name, I was on Facebook the other day, someone I knew back from school I think, says, “I don’t know why everyone is upset, this is the best thing to happen to Idina Menzel, no one knew who she was and now she’s a household name.” So- instead of me cussing someone out, because Idina is a household name on this farm & that’s at least 2 times a day. I can also name SEVERAL homes locally where Idina is a household name! I LOGGED OFF FACEBOOK!

People sometimes need to keep their mouths shut. I have a very dear friend of mine & in my early 20’s I told it like I saw it, (worse than now, believe it or not) & She told me “Amber, sometimes, you are not going to like what others have to say, just smile and walk away!” In my 20’s this was impossible but since I’ve turned 30, this is SO doable. I don’t want to hear your BS, so, I’m gonna smile and say have a good day and walk away. Lesson learned, J. I know I should’ve listened to you then, but, I am listening now, doesn’t that count for something? LOL 😉

Watch “Jimmy Fallon, Idina Menzel & The Roots Sing “Let It Go” from “Frozen” (w/ Classroom Instruments)” on YouTube because this my friends is my girl crush, Idina, in action! Fallon & The Roots are pretty awesome too!

Here’s some photos from her big night!!!


Until next time, thanks for sticking with my rant!

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE IS BRILLIANTLY GIFTED!!!!!! That is the BEST rendition, EVER!!

    Girl- you can speak up anytime you want with me and the world!! But I suppose, walking away is best sometimes. Good for YOU! 😉

    • I had to be quiet and regroup my thoughts before writing this post or it would have sounded worse than I’m sure it did. 🙂 Thanks for reading! I have NO clue how people don’t know who Idina is…

  2. She’s so gorgeous. I know her from Glee.
    Here’s where it gets juicy! I ran into her on the streets of NYC! She was with her then husband and I admit I was looking more at him because he’s hot. But she was right next to me! Like shoulders touching close.
    And I had to get off FB too. People were picking apart her performance and I had heard she had been sick and had been introduced wrong too. Anyway, I loved it.

    • She was congested from the weather, it messes with your vocal cords. I love when people that are unknowledgable about true vocal singing & training tries to put their two cents in. It makes me livid. Dont forget the douche who couldn’t even call her the correct name at the freakin OSCARS!

      BTW- I’m super jealous! Taye is gorgeous, BTW! Another RENT actor…

  3. Amber – you know I appreciate your rant. I’ve been fortunate to see Idina perform in person twice, and she is amazing. I almost peed my pants in excitement (and I was in bed, so that would have been bad) when she came on Jimmy Fallon. Listen to that performance, and I date anyone to say she doesn’t have the vocal chops. Haters will hate, but girl crushes are FOREVER!!

  4. Hi! i found your blog from the BloggyMoms blog hop and I”m glad i did. Great pop culture post with a nice lesson about just walking away. But i also like how your friend turned lemons into lemonade and said “at least she’s a household name.” well said! PS–love your Jimmy Fallon clip! thanks, Shana from http://www.technotini.com

  5. She truly is incredible. 🙂 I am so with you – when I realized she was the voice of Elsa I about peed my pants. People are idiots, they always have been, they always will be. We have gotten a few really awesome memes out of the Oscars mess, tho. And each night when I lay my baby down she sings up at me, “Wret it goooo, wret it gooooooo”! So yea…household name!

  6. Spot on! As a huge musical theatre fan and theatre blogger myself, I’ve known who “Adela Dazeem” is for years. It’s kind of frustrating that since Frozen, everyone has been like, “Hey look at this new Idina Menzel girl. Isn’t she great?” I just want to scream that yes she is great and she’s BEEN great for the past 20 years! Glad to have found another Idina/theatre fan through the SITS Sharefest!

  7. I could not agree more with you. I have loved her since RENT and I can’t imagine ANYONE else as Maureen. (Or Elphaba!) I LOVE HER!!! L.O.V.E.Ashley and I had a hard time getting over this name debacle. I mean COME ON!! We found it hard to just Let It Go.
    We’re trying to get behind the “people were talking about her more since the name thing” so we’ll feel better about it, but still we can’t. WE CAN’T. GAH!! –Lisa

    • Thank you girls SO much! I couldn’t get over it & still can’t fathom how to “Let it go” myself! She did & that shows SO much character in itself! I just LOVE my girl crush!

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