Part IV 120605

Part IV 120605

The rehab floor was tough, Brad & Christy expected me to work so hard, if I wanted to get better, I needed to push hard. I was at the lowest point in my entire life.

I was like a 5 year old in an adult body… I had to learn to walk, function, talk, & be productive all over again in like three months, & with a brain injured person- the drs. are not easily persuaded to see the positive. I cannot remember my speech therapist name in the hospital for anything, but, I’m pretty sure she had blonde hair, she was awesome as well. Wait- I’m thinking Layne, but, I’m probably WAY off, anyways…

There was this one time, Brad made me lay on my stomach- I had a feeding tube, I cursed loudly, he laughed, Momma laughed, other therapists laughed, but y’all that hurt, bad! I remember that pain… It was worse than giving birth, no lie!!!

Apparently, from stories I’ve heard, they had tried to convince my Momma to send me off to a Rehab facility in Georgia, but, my Momma never gave up believing that her wild haired feisty middle child would come back to her, and I did, thank you, Momma for believing, probably when no one else did.

My Cone Health Rehab staff were absolutely fabulous! You guys know how thick headed I can be & triple that because I was in pain all the time with my body, they were working with me learning how to walk allover again, which by the way, I wouldn’t walk in flats when they were teaching me how to walk again, they could not get me to walk in my tennis shoes, Momma must have been chuckling or something, because they looked at her and said “what type of shoe does she normally wear”, Momma said “she wears high heels, I can’t tell you the last time she had on those tennis shoes”… So they said “bring us a pair of heels”, Momma took ’em a pair of heels & guess what, y’all? I immediately began walking…. HaHaHa!

My left arm wasn’t working and was basically still and not in use, I still catch myself today not using it, I have to be careful with my left arm…. I need to keep it flexible.

My momma was one of the small group of people who knew I was going to recover because I was Amber Day, no, that is not why, lol…. She knew I was going to recover because she knew our God was not done with me and he is still not done with me. I have always thought since I was a child that my gift was my singing voice, I had a gorgeous first soprano voice, beautiful, I’m not cocky about it, I’m just confident. I knew I was good. I wanted to go be on Broadway. I could have done a lot with my voice, however, I decided that being an immature teenager was more important, anyways life gave me my precious MacKensie I would never change anything about that. Mike is the best hubs I could ask for also…. (BTW- if you keep up with my blog my mini-me is headed in my musical foot steps :-))
(On another note- I lost my voice, musically- that is, due to all off the medical instruments they had to use to revive me- as many times that they did- is what my vocal teacher believes. She believes that my vocal cords were damaged in the process, but, she said “Amber, I am sorry that you can’t sing anymore, I’d much rather you be alive.” I miss singing SO much…)

So my hospital stay was December 6, 2005- February 25, 2006.

Part V is going to be my chapter about my medical recovery at outpatient rehabilitation & THIS was my final chapter of inpatient hospital stay! WooHoo!

Folks, hospitals are good,they help you get better but when you live in one for two months like I did & before that for 5 years my Daddy was in and out of hospitals with his melanoma cancer treatments. We brought my Daddy home for his final Christmas in 2002 & he passed away in the late night, day after Christmas, then, 2003- Kens’ (which let me go ahead & tell you my father’s name was Kenneth, his siblings called him Kenny & many called him Ken. MacKensie is named after him, this is why we call her Kensie, or Kens- my idea of course & sometimes she is just as thickheaded as he was, I am just sayin’ y’all…) surprise “I’m coming out early, Momma” NICU hospital stay, then my Momma and her breast cancer surgeries (2007, 2008), well, you get the point, that doesn’t include other family members either, because there has been many more, including my father in law (2012), Papa (2010, 2011 maybe- I can’t remember exactly), Punkin Jon (2006, 2009, & one more I think? Maybe off…LOL) and more to name & remember!

Until next time.


About Amber Day Hicks

I am a wife and momma, sweet tea drinking, southern woman. I am very opinionated and do speak my mind and sometimes I am wrong but don't tell the hubs, lol. I will always be Daddy's little girl even though he passed away at age 46 from melanoma stage 4 skin cancer. My momma is the strongest woman I know and she loves me no matter what. I am blessed to be surrounded by a great variety of people from different walks of my life but they are always there for me. My baby girl is just like me. Fireball in the making.... lol. Not all who wander are lost....

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  1. Wow. High heels made you walk, huh?
    So difficult..and do you ever find yourself singing? Does it hurt or does your voice sound different?

    • Sweet T- that was all I wore ever back then… now it’s rainbow flops or birkenstocks… 🙂 I still occasionally will sport a sexy heel for the right occasion (ie- sexy date night!)

      I still love singing! I sang 1st soprano (usually 1st chair in most groups I was in), I was very good… (technically speaking, I went all state chorus many times high school, was in competition groups, yadayada) I wanted to go to NY & be on broadway- Idina Menzel- ah, I wanted to be like her (she wasn’t out yet but if she was She would have been my IDOL!) Now- I’m still on pitch (I can hear when someone is out of key & it still grates on my last nerve, if Bubba is with me, he looks at me & starts laughing- he says my face starts turning red & I start shaking my head like “shut up, now”. ), tangent sorry, anyways I still hear pitch, tune, I’m not a soprano, more a 2nd alto (lower level treble staff) maybe even 1st tenor (which is upper level bass staff). My vocal cords don’t hurt except the emotional pain of not being a 1st soprano anymore… great question…. sorry for the book. 🙂

  2. I love your passion and your fire!!…not to mention your mama!! Your shear will to walk in those high heels is something else. I love that your daughter has your dad’s name and I really love the part about having you alive is better then being able to sing!! Amen to that.

  3. Wow. I just caught up on parts one through four. You are a lucky, lucky girl to come out of that accident, and to have your daughter come out unharmed. I know you went through so much and yet you are here counting your blessings.

    And just so you know, I watched the whole Rent clip with a big smile – leave it to you to throw that into a serious post! And ya know, Idina is an alto too…

    • I’m SO lucky to be able to have come so far & only have severe ADHD & a TBI, I’m very lucky especially my baby… 🙂 definitely worth counting blessings! 😉

      I LOVE RENT!!!! Idina rocks! She’s an awesome alto & I just never think about her, the powerhouse, being an alto! Good point! Thanks! XO! ~A~

  4. you- Oh, how I wish I knew you back then. I would have been at that hospital daily listening to your swear and watch you walk in your high heels! This- you- the story is so unbelievable… and my heart breaks that you lost your voice!! BUT- you gained your life, and for that I will ALWAYS be grateful.

    You are a walking MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I’m SO blessed, SSSF! Dana over at gently pointed out that one of my broadway Idols, Idina, is an alto (which is where I am vocally now- I still have tone & pitch, I’m just no longer that GORGEOUS 1st soprano) & this is why I I love my blogging community- y’all all lift me up, Amen, SSSF? XO! Happy Monday!

  5. I know for sure I would go stir crazy if I had to stay in the hospital for that long but then we already knew you’re tougher than me, right?

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