my Faith & all the proof I need!

my Faith & all the proof I need!

Hey y’all!!! I wanted to take a quick minute & acknowledge a lady who I’ve never met in person but from the moment we met in the blogisphere she & I both knew we were “soul sisters”. God put us in each other’s lives for a reason… This phenomenal lady is Christine Carter over at  She has had quite the story over the past few weeks & I’m not going to do the heavy lifting for you all, if you want to know what I am talking about, you will have to head over to her blog & read about it, but, I will tell you, I cried A LOT for days… my Hubs, just hugged me & said if she needs you we will fly you to her & that will be that, don’t worry or fret about the money we will handle it when it happens. He just loves me & my heart & I love him & his heart for understanding how passionate I am about people. I will tell you that through all of her struggles and she has one more hurdle to face that I will tell you her big news her TUMOR IS BENIGN- AMEN???



You see- my faith hasn’t always been strong, I think we all may struggle every now and then depending on the situation. When I lost my father at age 19, I couldn’t understand why he was taken from us at age 46, he was so young & I was SO selfish. I was the wild child, I was the handful, the one causing him to have gray hair WAY too soon… I didn’t get the chance to make amends & I was angry for many years. Yesterday was the 1st day ever that I was actually able to make it through the following song without sobbing like an infant. It is the little things sometimes that count, right? AMEN???

I can imagine my daddy was singing & dancing & hollaring Hallelujah when he saw God at Heaven’s gates, I am sure he was in AWE of the greatness… that is a sight I would have loved to have seen, I can only imagine my father’s facial reaction, people that knew him, y’all think about it, daddy’s facial reaction, would that not be a sight when he saw Heaven for the first time???

You see, my daddy was a Methodist minister & his faith was strong, SO strong. He knew one way or another, God was going to cure his melanoma stage four cancer.  My faith was not strong then and even recently, I wanted my daddy to walk me down the aisle (for the 2nd time, the real time- the Hubs, he would have loved this guy) & when MacKensie was born the year after he passed, he should have been there & met her, Daddy was not there, he passed away the year prior. It used to upset me some that he wasn’t there. We call her Kensie because of my dear Daddy… (she was also born prematurely and in the NICU for 21 days, we brought her home 2 days before Christmas).  Daddy’s name was Kenneth,but, his brother & sisters & close friends called him Kenny, and as he got older his friends called him Ken. 🙂 My Kens has Daddy’s eyes, her precious big blue eyes light up just like his did… absolutely amazing to see God’s hand at work, AMEN?

Silly Kens!!!

Silly Kens!!!

Then, I had a car accident in 2005 which caused me to be in a coma for 21 days & I will be considered a brain injured person for the rest of my life. I am 96% recovered, struggle with severe ADHD & short term memory loss but due to those issues will never be fully recovered from the brain injury. (I promise I am working on the really long story it’s just taking a lot of work & emotions are there that I didn’t realize would be, so, bear with me, it is taking a lot more time than I thought…) Hey- I am not a lost cause, the doctors told my Momma I would never walk, talk, or function in society ever again… well guess what- THEY WERE WRONG! AMEN???

Wrecked Sentra 2005.

Wrecked Sentra 2005.

Then in 2007 my dear sweet Momma got breast cancer & had a double mastectomy (lost both of her breasts- very evasive breast cancer), but, she just got released from the tamoxifen pill which is the pill form of chemotherapy. Praise God. Although, my dear Momma still struggles with many other health concerns, we are over the breast cancer hurdle… AMEN????

Momma & me at Bowman Gray Stadium!! (she only goes because I like to get rowdy redneck with the racecars...LOL)

Momma & me at Bowman Gray Stadium!! (she only goes because I like to get rowdy redneck with the racecars…LOL)

Christine Carter & I became instant friends due to blogging & ya know when you just have a connection with someone, you just know… Soul Sister is what I call her, I knew instantly, if I needed her she would be here & vice versa. God puts people in our lives when we need them, I didn’t think I needed anyone or anything, but, oh I needed Chris badly, just to vent or go “hey dude- does that make sense to be thinking that way” or “I know what my Daddy would say but what do you think?” It is nice to have another Momma to bounce ideas off of… Now I am encouraging each AND every one of you to go check out her stories at because she is quite the inspiration and I think everyone will enjoy reading her pieces.

Christine Carter

Christine Carter

She doesn’t really realize how much she means to me & how her faith in our God helps keep on track but she & her blog devotionals are truly a blessing to me so THANK YOU my LOVEY! XO!

Now, to my home church folks, Muirs Chapel United Methodist Church, this is home for me & I attend the Praise & Worship service at 9am with praise band, Psalm40 & the praise band leader Bob Cox was a friend of my daddy’s… as well as Bob’s wife Susan & Susan was who gently nudged me to come back to MCUMC & boy am I glad she did. Daddy was actually buddies with everyone! Dan Money is the associate pastor who leads this service & he does a phenomenal job every single Sunday. I cannot steal one of his photos however because he’s not on FB but wait… I borrowed it from the church website, check out our website. 🙂



Bob & Susan Cox

Bob & Susan Cox

Rev. Dan Money

Rev. Dan Money

I’m going to write you guys out to this song, Psalm40 sang this song on Sunday, I had never heard it, but, then when I was taking Kensie to school yesterday & had the inspiration for this blog it began playing, it is called “God’s Not Dead” and the song is by Newsboys which is a band that has been around since I was a teenager so I can’t believe they are still playing, that is awesome!!!

Okay- y’all have a blessed day.

Love hope & faith- NO this isn't me, yet... but I do like this tattoo... just sayin'... :)

Love hope & faith- NO this isn’t me, yet… but I do like this tattoo… just sayin’… 🙂



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  1. Crying…. trembling with that deep resounding love that takes over your entire body. Oh Sweet soul sister!!!! I am speechless. No words could ever describe my response to this beautiful- beautiful-beautiful piece.

    You stopped me in my hasty hurried tracks girl. Screeching halt. Silence. Tears. Gratitude. Love. Gasps of glorious air is just flowing in and out now…taking in every sweet breath. You are amazing. Your journey is like no other. Your strength and courage show the tenacity of your precious spirit and the faith of a warrior.

    Oh how You are such a love…a light… to me. XOXOXOXOXO

    • You my soul sister just swept me away with your comments, so encouraging & uplifting, I know there is a reason God took me to your blog to read that one day, he wanted me to see you the inner you & your beautiful soul & spirit! XO, Lovey & Happy Wednesday. XOXOXO. 🙂

  2. I do know exactly what you mean about finding a soul sister in the blogosphere! I have found several and you, my friend, are among them! Faith is a funny thing, it’s tested from time to time but like us when we are tested it comes through stronger!

  3. Oh, you sweet thing – what a story. I want to get all rowdy and red neck with you at the races. And I understand why your faith is so strong. And I LOVE Chris. Can’t gush about her enough!

    • Well- listen here- around April&May is when we get rowdy at Bowman Gray Stadium in Winston Salem, it’s a night race- we will get a cheap hotel & go to the race, see the Myers brothers (theyre my Modified racing teams drivers&I love ’em) & we will go stay at a hotel & then you can drive to the island on Sunday 🙂

      Thank you for understandinf & Chris is fantastic!!! XOXO, Jersey Girl. Smooch!

  4. Okay- now I’m a bit bad at you… because I can’t do ANYTHING else but listen to that song over and over again and cry and dance in my PJ’s when I have TONS to do!! LOL 😉


  5. Before I started reading this, I knew. It was Chris. Happy to have found her as well. My father passed at 36 and I’ve had some faith issues, which I’m sure you’ve read about. Chris is the real deal here. And I’m intrigued by your story. You’re amazing! 96% recovered, and more I’m sure.

    • T, sweet T, you my friend are another lady in the blogisphere I am SO grateful for & I know you know that.. thank you for reading & I promise I’m working on my story, but, you & me are more connected & it keeps uncovering everytime we talk, XO, my friend!!

  6. Oh wow! This post was beautiful on so many levels! So sorry for the loss of your sweet daddy and so glad your mom is doing better!! You’re so right…Chris is one of those people that you just CONNECT with!! Genuine and sweet to the core! Love her to pieces!!!! Okay, so you got me crying on the “I Can Only Imagine”. My husband’s best friend and our children;’s god-father, who was a phenomenal worship leader, passed away from cancer a year ago today and I wrote a letter to him on the evening he passed and wrote this song in it. I happened to post about today on my blog. Every time I hear that song, I also cry, because I think of him. Like your sweet daddy, I can only imagine what he did when he met his Savior, for that was his mission in life. THANK YOU so much for sharing this and thanks for featuring Chris! Blessings!

    • Oh darlin’ you just gave me chills hearing your story!! Cancer is so evil & I do not use the word hate but cancer envokes some strong feelings of utter destain inside me & I feel for anyone who has to go through that struggle or watch someone go through it. “I can only imagine” is such a powerful song & yesterday was the 1st day since the song was released that I could make it through without a tear because you know what the next song I featured “God’s not Dead” & that makes it all the much better, those we’ve lost before us are prepping God for us wild & wooly ones… 🙂 AMEN & Blessings my friend!

  7. Chris is WONDERFUL!! I consider myself very blessed to have her as a blogging friend. Your story is amazing…I had no idea you’d been through all of this. I am sorry Amber. Your husband sounds like a gem!

    • Chris is fabulous! I’m blessed to have found her & you as well, M!

      Thanks, I don’t share my stories often but I’ve been toying with sharing for awhile, Chris & I have talked about it for some time… My hubs is an absolute blessing!!! 🙂


    • Thank you SO much for reading my post & stopping by today! I will definitely do that this afternoon! I’m at a fundraising event this morning raising money for breast cancer, but, I would LOVE to link up this afternoon! Blessings. ❤

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