Sing off Sunday- we are taking today off…


Due to the fact that I’ve been in migraine hell for 3 weeks & finally have relief thanks to Chandra & the the wonderful folks Kneaded Energy my migraine is gone! Yippy.

However, the Hubs & I both woke up at about 3am, hold on,

ok, now, then back to the story, we woke up with splitting headaches at 3am & I knew it wasn’t another migraine, I had just paid good money to get rid of a 3 week migraine. Hubs, brilliant man that he is says “honey, it’s not a migraine- it’s our sinuses, low pressure system is coming through….” & I think to myself “doggone, Angela was right…”

See Angela over at Writer Mom’s Blog had sent me an email yesterday checking on me & daggum if she didn’t nail it right on the head…

Angela over at Writer Mom's Blog

Angela over at Writer Mom’s Blog

So- due to the drama of migraines & headaches- Sing off Sunday will not be taking place this week but I promise next week, it will be back in full force.

oopps, I gotta go or I’m gonna be late for church, XO.



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  1. I have a headache too 😦 Hoping it doesn’t turn into a migraine which mine tend to do. Checking out your solution now. Hope you feel better!

    • Thank you SO much, Tamara! I would love it… thank goodness at least the migraines are gone! 🙂 now- as soon as this low pressure system moves up to y’all yankees (only kidding-xo) or out to the sea all will be better… I hope. 😉

  2. Hate headaches. Glad it is gone! I don’t get migraines, thank goodness! But those dull ones that just stick around blow too! Wishing you a headache free week!

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