Ladies only Blog Share- “Fall” into the season linkup!!!

Ladies only Blog Share- “Fall” into the season linkup!!!

Hey everyone!! I’m ecstatic to be guest hosting the LOBS bi-weekly event this weekend! Angela over at Writer Mom Blog sent me an email & said “hey, how would you feel about guest co-hosting the LOBS weekend?” My immediate response “oh yeah, y’all are rock stars, I’m in!” So there is my story of how I got to guest co-host the LOBS weekend!!

Let me tell you what we are celebrating this week, the arrival of Fall!!! Whether it be the gorgeous colors of the season,to the smell of those Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Speaking of which- here’s my own tribute to Starbuck’s PSL turning 10 years old this year, can you believe it??? Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte Bliss!!!

This week we are celebrating the arrival of fall – The rock stars & I couldn’t be happier that autumn is here. Link up those fabulous fall posts and then go enjoy the crisp, cool air while savoring a #PSL, may be making a @Starbuck’s run again soon.

I LOVE all things fall after all, I did get married on the First day of Autumn, that is how much I love Fall! Here’s my post about my wedding day memories. Sing off Sunday- Well, my 1st anniversary!

So- come hang out with the rock stars that are the #LOBS (that also includes all of you!) and let’s get this link up started with ALL THINGS FALL!!!

First, don’t forget to check out these co-hosts that are ROCK STARS!!!!

Crystal over at MommiFried

Michelle over at a Dish of Daily Life
A Dish of Daily Life

Kristen over at Four Hens & a Rooster
Four Hens and a Rooster

Angela over at Writer Mom Blog
Writer Mom's Blog

Tamara over at Tamara Camera Blog
Tamara Camera Blog

Few quick rules as stated perfectly by Michelle:

-Follow your hosts/co-hosts
-Visit at least 3 of the links and leave some comment love. Let them know you’re visiting from #LOBS. We always get great posts linked up, so there is definitely something for everyone!
-Pin your blog post to the Ladies Only Blog Share Pinterest board. Make sure you place the link to your post in the URL field. The name field should contain the title of your post. If you’re new and need an invite to the board, let the #LOBS ladies know & they will get you hooked up!
We’d:-) love it if you’d add our button to your post or to your sidebar (see the #LOBS rockstars sidebars 🙂 ), and tweet our party!
-If you use my twitter handle @AmberDayHicks, I will be sure to RT you! Let’s all spread the word and make some new friends!

So- let’s get this party started & have some fun!!!


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    • Yes ma’am, not the first time I’ve been a groupie before, so sorry y’all aren’t my first 😦 , there’s a post or two still in the wings about a couple of bands I really dig!! 🙂 LOL! You are thinking “she is a total hippie & she’s a 80’s baby, weird” I contradict everything anyone thinks of me….

  1. So glad to have you as a co-host this week! You rock! So do Pumpkin Spice Lattes. My post is going live at midnight. I’m weird about posting them only on Fridays, so that gives me the option to post my following one on Sunday OR Monday. (I never go more than three days without a post) I’m weird!

    • You are not weird, you are just you, look at me, I’m weird girl who babbles about silly things, you follow… KD follows, Ilene, Angela, & couple others follow but not many, it’s all good… quirkiness, it works… LOL. Ok. I’m really babbling, I’m gonna hush now… lol XO, T. Oh LOVE #PSL!

  2. Visiting from LOBS, congrats on the co-hosting!
    Your 1st anniversary is coming up or just recently passed??? Our wedding anniversary is actually tomorrow (10 years) We got married in the mountains of TN and picked fall because the foliage! (Even though, I am REALLY a summer gal) Nice to meet you, Amber!

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