Oh Mrs. Tucker, my Momma would die if she knew what we called these brownies!!!!


OMT has a recipe that I’ve been dying to try & after I’d finally shared her blog link with my Facebook page viewers, I decided that, hmmmm, I better try them… Guess what folks, they are DELICIOUS!!!

So without any further hold up, I give you all the name of the brownie which is, slutty brownies!! This is a very appropriate name, with the first layer being chocolate chip cookie layer, the next layer being oreo cookie layer, and the top layer being the final brownie layer. (I cheated and used box brownies but I did make the chocolate chip cookie layer by hand.) Talk about dying & going to chocolate heaven…. Wow. The slutty brownie is such an appropriate name, in fact, I now cannot think of a better name for the brownie. So, Mrs. Tucker, hats off to you, my darlin’ for rockin’ it with a kick butt brownie that is simply fabulous!!!!! Here’s the link in case any of you want to try…. oh Mrs. Tucker- Slutty Brownies Revisited!

If you don’t believe me how yummy they are by my words just look, believe you me, the photo doesn’t do this brownie justice!!!!


OMT- Slutty Brownies!

Until next time, I bet you are looking in your cabinets to see if you have the ingredients to make these brownies, I know I was!

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About Amber Day Hicks

I am a wife and momma, sweet tea drinking, southern woman. I am very opinionated and do speak my mind and sometimes I am wrong but don't tell the hubs, lol. I will always be Daddy's little girl even though he passed away at age 46 from melanoma stage 4 skin cancer. My momma is the strongest woman I know and she loves me no matter what. I am blessed to be surrounded by a great variety of people from different walks of my life but they are always there for me. My baby girl is just like me. Fireball in the making.... lol. Not all who wander are lost....

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  1. The funniest situation I have been in with these brownies is when my beloved conventional old-school FIL came home from the hospital and I made them for him.

    FIL: ~eats a bite and is overtaken with love~ What are these called?

    Me: Um, Slutty Brownies.

    ~silence falls in the room~

    FIL: Hahahahahaha… Best Slutty anything I have ever had.

    Yep, they’re so good that they overcome generational awkwardness!

    So glad you love them!

    • LOL!! Great story!!!! :-). Thank you for a wonderful recipe, telling the nine year old not to tell her friends at school what I call them was funny, she said “Momma, how about if I just call ’em brownies because I don’t even know what that first word means…” I said “Sounds great, kiddo.” Whew, thank goodness there is still some innocence in children, right?

  2. I’ve seen them, but I haven’t made them..yet. So quick, funny story. My husband makes these really good caramel brownies and one night, he brought them to a big, drunken party. One of the guys ate one at 3:00 am and shouted, “Oh my god. Who the @#$% made these??” So we started calling them that – “Who The @#$% Made These Brownies.” Or WTFMT for short. We made them for the preschool teachers and one of my friends spilled to the lead teacher what we call them. She was amused!

    • Holy s*+$ T, I absolutely adore your story!!! That is so freaking adorbs! I kinda wanna borrow it and make it mine, lol, no just kidding, not really, that is freaking hilarious! I’m laughing like I laugh at the Dose girls, Thanks…. I almost just well, nevermind, great story!!! πŸ™‚ You have to try a sluttie at least once, they’re really good, once y’all go sluttie y’all may never go back- uh that didn’t come out too well… LOL sorry..?

  3. I saw those! They look so good! But I need someone else to bake them for me. I really can’t bake. Not at all. I forget eggs, sugar…I burn things…my kids just cringe if they see me trying to bake. My daughter and husband have taken pity on me and now do all the baking in the house.

    • Oh- you poor thing! If I burn it, my hubs & kiddo still eat it and do not mention the burned items at all, or, life will not be easy, let’s face it, if Momma ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy! LOL. You poor thing.

    • BaHaHaHa!!!! Listen here’s a little story (sorry for the length), last night every time I was leaving comments on your (2) different posts, this was the post it was suggesting I link- I was like NO!!! HaHaHa, I am a believer, yes, I mess up- this name is all in good fun, but, some people would not take it that way like my momma or my southern baptist in-laws who looked like they wanted to crucify me when I told them what they were called… LOL, I mean I already have a strike against me because I’m Methodist and not Southern Baptist… πŸ™‚ ENJOY, the Sluttier the better my friend!

    • You must try them then like immediately… LOL. They are that good! I just made my 2nd batch for the week last night… daughter has been taking them to school & giving them to teachers… she’s a suck up! She doesnt call them sluttys to the teachers though… πŸ™‚

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