Sing off Sunday… Well, my 1st anniversary!


OK y’all… Today is the Hubs & my 1st Anniversary!!!!

So, in honor of my dear sweet Hubs, I decided that I wouldn’t do Sing off Sunday today and reminisce on one of the best, most memorable days of my life, the day I got to say “I DO” to my soul mate, Mike, I love you. xoxo. 🙂

I will show some photos that were taken by my awesome photographers which y’all have heard about, Brandon & Ellen Nance at Motovated Exposures & some these photos y’all may have seen before before, I am not quite sure.

I’m going to be sharing some of the music we played during our ceremony also. So, take a seat, and enjoy as I’m taking you down my memories of my wedding day.

So, these first (4) shots are of me getting ready before the ceremony. (Here’s the link to the rest of the photos, Amber & Mike, getting ready 9/22/12) The first photograph is of Sabrina, Ellen (the photographer) and me. Everybody knows Brina is one of my besties, right? Well- what y’all don’t know is Ellen (E as I call her) and I are pretty tight. We cheered some together in high school, but, y’all heard me talking about how I used to sing back in the day, well so did E! She sang alto where I sang soprano! Sabrina (she is a dancer), Ellen, and I were all together in New York together in 1999, our parents know each other, our families our both Methodist, so, anyways, I had to have a photo before I got hitched. Ellen & I fell in love with the Broadway show “Rent” when we were kids, any of you guys ever heard of it? Jonathan Larson was the genius behind the hit show turned movie. I wanted to listen to “Seasons of Love” which Ellen, Toni (bestie), and I among others had sang many times at our alma mater. Check it out.

Me, E, & B!!!

My baby Bubby!!! (This is what I call him, he’s my baby brother but he’s way taller, huh? Two years younger & he is like 6’4, ridiculous…)

Me & Kens!! ❤ this shot!

Me & the bestie Toni as she is putting the garters on me….WooHoo!!!

Now we’re going to skip over the wedding party photos as y’all seen them before, below is the link again. 🙂
Amber & Mike- before ceremony 09/22/12

Okay, onto the ceremony, now keep in mind, folks, I am just going off of hearsay because I was in my home chilling out with my girls, drinking mimosas & listening to the “RENT” soundtrack thanks to my fabulous nephews who got my CD’s out of my car, xoxo, boys. 🙂 I’m only going to show some or the post will take forever, here’s the ceremony link Amber & Mike- Wedding Ceremony 9/22/12Here are some photos to get you started…

The Momma of the Bride ( in purple) & The Momma of the Groom lighting the Unity Candle

The guys walking out in their cowboy boots to the song “Right where you want me” and this song was performed by Bubba’s old band, Livestock, in the 90’s. Bubba didn’t know that we were playing it, he was apparently surprised, Mike said “he was grinning, Amber, it was purdy cool, too bad you couldn’t see it… (How rude for the Hubs to say, I was getting dolled up for him, ugh… country guys…) ” Unfortunately, the band was in the late 90’s/ early 2000’s so I don’t have a youtube video for y’all…. 😦

Here are individual shots of the girls walking in to the sweet song of “Southern Girl” by Amos Lee. Take a listen.

My sister, Christina.

Bestie, Kim.

Bestie, Sabrina.

Besties Toni & baby girl, Kens!

Now- for my grand entrance, I took the untraditional route, I walked in with a song by The Band Perry called “All my Life”…



Our unity candle stand was actually an old ironing board we found in one of the old barns here on the farm, Mike’s grandparents must’ve used it.

During the lighting of the unity candle, Jason aka Bubba, sang “Marry Me” originally performed by Train & since Bubba has yet to get me a recording of him singing it, take a listen to Train singing the song….

This photo doesn’t show Jason well, but, I love this photo, and to be honest, I think this is one of his fave shots too… (By the way, when I gave him the thumbs up, y’all- he did grin at me- just sayin’)

I think the Hubs was telling me to quit singing because the guests could probably hear me singing, I’m not sure, anybody at my wedding wanna answer? Could y’all hear me singing with Bubba???

We walked out as a married couple (WooHoo) to one of my all time favorite John Mayer songs, I know I know, y’all think he is gross, well that’s nice, still one of the best musicians I’ve ever seen in concert, I mean literally Toni, Sabrina, and I were so close we could smell his sweat and I cried from joy through the whole thing, I think Toni & Brina were a tad embarrassed but whatever… Anyways, we walked out to “Say” by JM. This song is my favorite, folks, what he says in this song is so true, “even if your hands are shaky, and your faith is broken, do it with your heart wide open. Say what you need to say.” That is exactly how I wanted to begin my marriage, I know all you John Mayer haters out there are shaking your heads but you tell me, where in those lyrics I shouldn’t want that in my marriage. Ok- tangent over, I’ve pleaded my JM case enough, now listen to the greatness & talent that is, John Mayer.

(Now, that song was written specifically for the movie, “The Bucket List”. This was probably the toughest movie for me to watch & still is at times because of watching my dear sweet Daddy fight for his life and loose his battle against the evils of melanoma at the young age of 46. However, when I first heard this song by John Mayer, I had no clue that he had written it for this movie, I knew those words sounded liked something that would come out of my Daddy’s mouth, “if it’s on your heart, Amber, just say it, spit it out already, don’t wait, you never know what may happen.” I am so grateful for my memories of my father and for my love of music that my family has put in my life. Anyways, back to wedding memories…. 🙂 )

Kissing my Hubs, officially calling the Hubs!!!
Walking out as married couple.
Driving off into the country, on the IH1066. Y’all, I’m not kidding when I say this, he will agree, he loves that tractor more than me!!! 🙂 we played this song as we drove away from our wedding guests, take a listen…

I do have to tell y’all, his tractors are really sexy….I’m just sayin’ & we’ve always got sweet tea ready. 🙂

Here’s a link to after ceremony photography, I don’t want this blog to be 8 pages long so it is SO hard to choose just a couple…. Amber & Mike- After Ceremony 09/22/2012

Here’s a few from the reception & a link to the rest of the reception Amber & Mike- Wedding Reception 09/22/2012

Champagne toast!

Mike taking my garter off!!

Out of our fancy clothes into our normal attire, drinking our favorite beer, Red Oak!!! Perfect way to end our perfect wedding day!!!

Thanks for looking back on this special day with me, until next time go drink a Red Oak, I bet I am somewhere (well after church and lunch, lol)

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  1. Loving the songs, the stories and the photos. My three favorite things in a blog post, really – music, writing and photography.
    And love, of course! Happy Anniversary!

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  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Thank you for sharing the stories, music, and photos behind your big day. You were a beautiful bride, and I love the cowboy boots & gown combo! My husband and I celebrated our 10th anniversary last summer. It was an incredible day, and I wish we could do it all over again. Happy Anniversary and Best Wishes for many more happy years together!

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