“Tightwad Gazette”- 1st week of 4th grade, lunchbox findings


The geniuses behind “Tightwad Gazette” suggests in the first book that when you send lunch with your child to school (buying lunch is a total waste of money especially when I just mad probably close to 3lbs of chicken salad on Sunday night for less than $8 including the price of chicken breast that if you can catch on sale which I snatch up and stock up every time when it happens at least two times a month at two of the big named grocery stores in the Piedmont Triad…) Anyways, Amy D. (Can’t remember how to spell her last name) says make your child bring home all leftovers, every scrap. K said “well that’s embarrassing and kinda tacky, Momma…” I said “suck it up & bring home the leftovers”. This is so you can see how to prepare for a little while… Until you think a change may need to happen. Oh real quick, shout out to my dear friend Lauren, @LaurenMRathbone, she got me hooked on “Tightwad Gazette”! šŸ™‚

So here we go for the week:

Anyways, Monday August 26, K had a lunch packed as follows:
– 1/2 chicken salad sandwich
– 3 homemade Ritz peanut butter crackers
– prepackaged string cheese (only thing prepackaged, SO expensive only thing nice about prepackaged is convenience & we will suck it up & save the $$$)
-an apple
-a bottle of water (juice boxes are expensive and not nutrious at all, plus I have seen bad reports about MOLD being in the pouches, water is fine)

Monday, she brought home the crusts from the chicken salad sandwich, 1 and 1/2 peanut butter crackers, 2/3 of the string cheese, and 3/4 of an uneaten apple. Oh yeah, and she busted the water bottle… No biggie it was a dollar store buy, I went a bought another that will hopefully last longer.

Tuesday August 27, K had a lunch packed as follows:
– 1/2 chicken salad sandwich
– pretzels drizzled in melted sharp cheddar cheese (an idea I just made up in my brain, K seems to like them…)
– 1/2 an apple sliced for her
– prepackaged string cheese
– a bottle of water (not store bought, water purchase in 1 gallon increments from the dollar store & put it in a water bottle)

Tuesday, she brought home nothing from her sandwich (yippy!!), about half the baggie (there were a lot in the bag), she ate none of her sliced apple, going to need to rethink apples, she loves apples though, and she didn’t eat any of her string cheese either, need to rethink this as well….

Wednesday August 28, K had a lunch packed as follows:
– 1/2 chicken salad sandwich
– pretzels drizzled in melted sharp cheddar cheese
– a whole apple
– a prepackaged lunch size bag of barbeque chips (if you can catch certain things on sale, have coupons on top of the sale its worth it, the 20 bags big bag was $5.99 then I had a coupon for $2 off so I only paid $3.99, that’s what you pay for 1 normal size bag of chips)
-a bottle of water (again, not store bought, made by me)

Wednesday, she brought home the pretzels but ate them for snack, so, Finally- homerun!!!!! šŸ™‚

Thursday August 29, K had a lunch packed as follows:
– 1/2 chicken salad sandwich
– bag of pretzel snack mix (homemade, Cindy Farmer’s recipe via Fox8WGHP)
– bag of sweet pretzel mix (homemade, my own recipe, will post later)
– 1 celery stick sliced with ranch dressing
– 1 apple
– a bottle of water.

Thursday, she brought home nothing. Home run, AGAIN!!!! WooHoo!

Friday August 30, K had a lunch packed as follows:
– 1/2 chicken salad sandwich
– bag of pretzel snack mix
– bag of sweet pretzel mix
– 1 celery stick sliced with ranch dressing
– 1 apple
– a small bottle of Sunny D as a Friday treat being that she has had a great week at school as a reward
– a bottle of water

On Friday she brought home both bags of pretzels & the whole apple. Today, they had tons of snacks, so, she only ate her sandwich & celery for lunch because apparently they were celebrating something.

So- after this experiment I will not make her bring her leftovers home for a bit until I change up the menu, if I change the main course, I will request she bring her leftovers home, however, she says its rather embarrassing, which, I can gather, so, I’m going to try to refrain from running this experiment often…..lol.

Until the next post or experiment, if you guys think of more creative ways to budget and save money I’m ready to hear the ideas, the Hubs squeaks when he walks, no literally, I’m not kidding… We are polar opposites & it works for us….

Talk to you guys on Sing off Sunday!!!

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  1. I haven’t read The Tightwad Gazette in a long time. That’s actually a good way to find out what kids really like. My own daughter is 30, but I am looking forward to passing on the hint. Have a great weekend,

    • It is an awesome way to find out what she was really eating, I know she was a little embarrassed, but, I only made her do it for a week. I think Tightwad Gazette lady always made her children, wait, she homeschooled, so, it didnt matter… anyways… Its an awesome way. Have a fab weekend, darlin’!

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