Kensie- maxi skirt


A few weeks ago I made a maxi skirt for myself but I am SO ecstatic about how MacKensie’s turned out that I decided to write about hers instead!

Here are the photos first:




Y’all ready to hear how easy this skirt was? I bought 2 yards of jersey knit fabric to make a skirt for myself, and I cut the pattern for my skirt, the Hubs said looks like you have enough to make K a knee length skirt, I held it up, I said sure does… and that’s where making K a skirt began…

I took the following measurements for the skirt:
-waist to desired length (which I left out, decided to let her try it on & then we would decide from there)
-waist to hip
-quarter waist
-quarter hip
-waist around
-waist to ankle

With the waistband I did about (2) pieces of 5″ of fabric that are the length of waist of the skirt so for example, my daughter’s waist was 15″ so there you have it (2) 5″ wide fabric that were 15″ in length, sewed those sides together, folded longways. Used serger to stitch on the top portion of waistband to skirt. Measured K’s waist with 30″ of elastic and used 26″ of it in the waistband, for stretch purposes you don’t want it to be the exact size otherwise it won’t fit properly.. Serged the final portion of waistband onto skirt.

That simple & was done. Easy peasy, lemon squesy…. As K would say 🙂

Since my Kensie is so laid back & chill (I know how lucky I am) she basically let me pin it on her as I went, I realize not everyone can do that so the measurement guide above is above and below is a link to a maxi skirt blog 🙂 & shout out to Jen because is simply AWESOME!!!! The lady that writes this blog is SO talented and more WAY fab than me!!!

I also need to thank my Grandma who won’t read this blog (she told me the other day she didn’t even know what a blog was:-) ) but when I told her I wanted to started sewing & that I was the cool girl again because my G’ma had a serger she packed up (1) of her sewing machines (yeah she’s got like three… She’s good 🙂 ) & her serger and said have fun with it baby girl and call me if you have issues threading it, I can do that in my sleep… (Which she could, she’s super grandma)

Kensie cannot wait until the first day of school now, she wants to show off her new skirt, she slept in it last night, we may have issues getting it off of her but hey whatever, she says she feels so much more confident and do you know that was just scrap fabric from my skirt I made for myself? I am saving SO much money! Hubs is happy, Daughter is happy, that makes Momma happy…. Life is good y’all.

Until next time, Happy Sewing!!!

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I am a wife and momma, sweet tea drinking, southern woman. I am very opinionated and do speak my mind and sometimes I am wrong but don't tell the hubs, lol. I will always be Daddy's little girl even though he passed away at age 46 from melanoma stage 4 skin cancer. My momma is the strongest woman I know and she loves me no matter what. I am blessed to be surrounded by a great variety of people from different walks of my life but they are always there for me. My baby girl is just like me. Fireball in the making.... lol. Not all who wander are lost....

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    • It’s not hard, but, my grandma had me on a sewing machine at like age 9 so I don’t really know… I bet you could do it… I will be your cheerleader, got any friends with sewing machines?

      • My daughter is handy as all get out. I might buy one for “the house,” though art of me really wants to make an outfit “old school” entirely hand-stitched. Am I crazy?

        • Hand-stitched…. You go right ahead, my friend, I run (2) machines, the standard sewing machine and then the serger… You won’t catch me hand-stitching anything, but, my grandma insisted I know how, in case of emergency, I guess I could, but, I don’t see me having a wardrobe malfunction on the runway anytime soon, so, I wouldn’t, but, if that’s what you want I will still be your biggest fan!

            • The serger is definitely a sewing machine souped up with a triple features, however, there are some things I just want my regular machine for 🙂 I took my step back from the giant corporate world in May so I’ve only made a few skirts, dresses, pants, etc…. I have every intention of making it at home if I can justify saving money by making it myself, I will… 🙂 (you can take me out of the corporate environment but I will always be a #’s gal… 🙂 )

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