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City Girl on Hicks Farm.


Yes- that look…. Any other moms out there have a child that they give the look to and say the child is 9, excuse me, she says she’s 9.5 years old, and say the child still looks at you clueless.

I don’t know about you other mommas, but me, this look means no, not maybe, or we’ll see, this look means NO. Don’t ask mean again, kiddo, this look means NO. My child, is an only child on my side, her biological father has two other children but she’s only there a max of 8 nights a month so she’s an only child, she lives life pretty luxuriously considering, and she doesn’t have a clue how good she’s got it. I think I need to trim things back but at this point she’s adapted to this and have I already dug my grave, but that is a whole other blog…

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About Amber Day Hicks

I am a wife and momma, sweet tea drinking, southern woman. I am very opinionated and do speak my mind and sometimes I am wrong but don't tell the hubs, lol. I will always be Daddy's little girl even though he passed away at age 46 from melanoma stage 4 skin cancer. My momma is the strongest woman I know and she loves me no matter what. I am blessed to be surrounded by a great variety of people from different walks of my life but they are always there for me. My baby girl is just like me. Fireball in the making.... lol. Not all who wander are lost....

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  1. Oh yes, I can relate! My 10 year old doesn’t get it either. He hears us talk about how we need to cut back, and without pausing a beat asks for a new Xbox game, new shoes, an ice cream treat from DQ…you name it!

    • Yep, straight A student (yes with ADD, so, there’s that clueless part where the ADD person only catches what someone says when it is important to them) but you would think she would understand the $100 movie family outing isn’t happening… Ugh! Happy Friday, A! XO. ~A~

  2. My kids ignore my look. Maybe it isn’t perfected enough. With today’s technology I can practice my look, snap a selfie, and have my IG peeps vote for which is the most fierce. Might make a good challenge 🙂 Stopping by from #LOBS

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