Living as an adult diagnosed with ADHD & my 9 year daughter just being diagnosed with ADD.


I was 22 years old when I was finally diagnosed by a psychologist after a week’s worth of testing with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD. I am not a slight case either, the majority of my brain function operates on the ADHD side, so, if you know me at all, I am very spastic, but, once I get into a pattern you cannot change that pattern or I freak out, not crazy like, but, it makes me very nervous if something is out of place, very similar to Sheldon on Big Bang Theory. I used to say I was nothing like him, Hubs said “one day, Amber you will see it.” Well the other night, Sheldon was spazzing about someone sitting in his seat, well, I have a seat and no one, not even our friends, sit there because they know that’s my seat, the other night on the show Sheldon lost it about his spot, Mike said “remind you of anyone?” Well, I haven’t ever cussed someone or anything (I don’t think I would?) for sitting in my seat the first time they visit but the 2nd time they come they should know that’s my seat, I’m just sayin’. See… ADHD central, huh? 🙂 


Big Bang Theory couch- Sheldon's shot marker

I have been dealing with ADHD for 8 years and I have it under control. MacKensie started 3rd grade last year and it was the first year on the letter grading system so I wasn’t expecting phenomenal things but I was not expecting what the results came either and that played a HUGE FACTOR in my final decision to have her tested for ADD/ ADHD and this is how it happened:
The beginning of 1st quarter was A’s but by the time progress reports came home it was B’s and C’s & the C’s were in math and reading. Math is my favorite subject, so, I was livid, into the school I went for 1st parent teacher conference, she just wasn’t focusing Mrs. B. said. 2nd quarter, the exact same results, so, in goes this momma in her 3″ stilletos, I am livid, C’s in math & reading what in the crap??? Mrs. B said she seemed to understand the concepts in class, she did ok on tests, she could not complete classwork or team assignments. I asked Mrs. B. if she thought she was losing focus due to distractions from other classmates, Mrs. B. changed the seating around. 3rd quarter comes around and Praise God my baby girl made A/B honor roll, y’all!!! I squealed so loud, I was ecstatic!!!! 4th quarter comes around and 2 B’s and the rest C’s. I met with Mrs. B. for the final time and she said you may want to just mention this to your Dr. next time you are in.

So- you guys know I see the Dr. about once a month, anyways, I saw the Dr. in July and told him about what was going on with K at school, he said get her in here as soon as you can so I can get her tested, and if she’s diagnosed, get her on a treatment plan before school starts back. I did take her back the next week and she was diagnosed ADD with a slight ADHD due to focus issues we & we got her on a treatment plan.

I realize that there are a ton of moms out there that think I am wrong but you know what, I live with ADHD, I know what she is dealing with in her brain, it is going 20,000 different ways in like 5 minutes, if I can help her focus at school, I am going to do whatever for my baby girl to help her because you know maybe this will help her be a B student, she may become an A/B honor roll student, or she may become an A Honor roll student who knows but I am going to give her every possible way I know how to make this a reality for her! I want her to be anything she wants to be and I am trying to equip her the best way possible, she needs to be able to focus and stay on task. Any of you that know me personally, knows if I don’t take my ADHD meds, you might as well forget having an adult conversation with me or getting anything accomplished.

Until next time, go watch Big Bang Theory & Sheldon and then you can think of me 🙂


About Amber Day Hicks

I am a wife and momma, sweet tea drinking, southern woman. I am very opinionated and do speak my mind and sometimes I am wrong but don't tell the hubs, lol. I will always be Daddy's little girl even though he passed away at age 46 from melanoma stage 4 skin cancer. My momma is the strongest woman I know and she loves me no matter what. I am blessed to be surrounded by a great variety of people from different walks of my life but they are always there for me. My baby girl is just like me. Fireball in the making.... lol. Not all who wander are lost....

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  1. Your daughter is blessed to have you in her corner to go to bat for her, and also to help her get what she needs to succeed.
    When my youngest was in 5th grade, she started to have much more difficulty, and I asked the teacher if it could be ADD. The teacher said it wasn’t, that she just needed to focus.
    You probably heard that line before. . .

    My daughter was in her first year of college before she decided to get tested. Yup. ADD.
    Your description of your mind going a thousand different ways is familiar now. My daughter takes medication, and it has allowed her to become successful at her job, and happier with her life. I know meds get a bad rap, and that there is a lot of concern over the number of kids, especially boys, being possibly mis-diagnosed and over-medicated for attention issues. For my daughter, though, it has made a life-altering difference.

  2. We have done meds since our oldest was 5. Really was not question. It wasn’t as if we didn’t try other options first, though. We did 2 years of behavior therapy and then a food diet and then early schooling to help prep him for learning in an environment that was not meant for him. This year is our 3rd different kind of medicine because as he ages, the other don’t seem to work with him any more.

    ADD and ADHD are so different in everyone that it is trial and error to find something that works, whether it is meds, lifestyle, home schooling and etc. Good for you for going with your gut instinct and not worrying about the “other” moms. No one else has to live your life but you and no one else knows your daughter better than you. 😀

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