BlogHer NaBloPoMo Aug. 1st post

BlogHer NaBloPoMo Aug. 1st post

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Middle of summer, but, I want to ask my blog readers, what do y’all still drink that’s hot? Me- well before the Dr. took away caffeine it was a grande cinnamon dolce latte from Starbucks during the summer, no not chilled, piping hot! At night I would drink camomile tea before bed because it made me super sleepy. Unfortunately, after all the doctor appointments Dr. had taken away all caffeine products, yes, even my beloved sweet tea & Pepsi! 😦


Needless to say this momma was not happy, so, my Hubs, the fabulous man he is (don’t tell him I called him fabulous, he rolls his eyes when I say he’s fabulous, I think he thinks I’m bs’ing him,but, I’m not, AT all, he is FANTASTIC!) Anyways, Mike says “honey, we can get decaf tea bags for Sweet tea and your warm tea at night”, and just like that- POOF! Hubs- once again was superman and fixed that problem!

Now- onto to bigger issue at hand the Pepsi issue, I swear my Aunt Marcia put Pepsi in my bottles, no Pepsi didn’t pay me to say that but maybe they should…. Hmmmmm. Anyways, my good girlfriend Kris and her family invited my little family over for family dinner because of Jenna’s birthday. (My daughter’s best friend) Mama Debbie is awesome and must really love me because guess what she did for me-bought Caffeine free Pepsi just for little ole me! πŸ™‚


The girls say they are BFFL, best friends for life!!

The girls say they are BFFL, best friends for life!!


Then- I figured out that decaf coffee didn’t suck so bad it was just missing the kick you get from caffeine. So all is right in the world of Amber again!!!

Until next time hope you find something hot (or cold) to sip on! πŸ™‚


About Amber Day Hicks

I am a wife and momma, sweet tea drinking, southern woman. I am very opinionated and do speak my mind and sometimes I am wrong but don't tell the hubs, lol. I will always be Daddy's little girl even though he passed away at age 46 from melanoma stage 4 skin cancer. My momma is the strongest woman I know and she loves me no matter what. I am blessed to be surrounded by a great variety of people from different walks of my life but they are always there for me. My baby girl is just like me. Fireball in the making.... lol. Not all who wander are lost....

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    • Yep! I absolutely love it, because let’s face it, when my world starts falling apart I began spazzing and he just snaps his fingers and bam it is fixed…. :-). Keep in mind that we are still newlyweds, first anniversary is in September, so everyone is like it will change, I don’t think so though… Lol! Happy Thursday, Ashley!!! BTW, skip food, go for the wine! πŸ™‚

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